Just landed (or simply curious)? We’ll give you a hand!

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Are you an expat in Galicia? Are you a native English speaker or are you fluent in English?

Whether you are here temporarily or you’ve decided to make this your permanent home (welcome!), we invite you to make the most of it and gain a greater appreciation of this little country of ours 🙂

So contact us for details on our Galician culture and language classes through English!

This course is taught by Xoán, a multilingual cross-cultural expert with years of international experience in research, teaching and, well, everything and anything Galician 😀
Actually, he’s also an official tourist guide so the course includes a walking tour in the city of Pontevedra. How about that?

Since this is something new nobody else offers in Galicia, we can actually tailor the courses to your interests, making it dynamic and fluid. Do you need to improve your language skills? Good. Do you prefer to focus on the culture and society? That’s great too! You’ll end up knowing more than many locals do, promise!

Like someone once said:

“A language is not only a human creation, but also a form of expressing a conception of the world, a means of expressing relationships with nature, an oral tradition, and ultimately a culture, thereby contributing to the global enrichment of humanity”


English, for adults

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English_adults_summer2016Pensando en mellorar o teu inglés? Ou talvez comezar co idioma desde cero?

Pregunta xa polos cursos de verán para adultos co noso profe bilíngüe!

Poderás iniciarte no idioma, centrarte na atención ao público ou hostelería se é que o precisas para o teu traballo, ou simplemente practicar conversa e subir de nivel.

Desde 35€/mes, unha horiña semanal, e como sempre con matrícula gratuita e grupos reducidos (mínimo de 5 e máximo de 10 persoas).

Consúltanos para máis detalles e irmos organizando todo 🙂